Starting careers with experience

The Placer website for employers

  • Access a diverse range of students, because it makes business sense
  • A day, a week, a month or a year – every experience counts
  • Source talent for hard-to-fill roles
  • It’s free! Post once and reach multiple universities and students
  • …and more!

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The Placer app for students

  • Get noticed and networked with employers
  • Instant notifications direct to your mobile phone for matching opportunities
  • Build skills today to help you graduate into your chosen career
  • Local and national opportunities with employers of all sizes
  • …and more!

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The Placer website for universities

  • Speak the language of your students – swipe left, swipe right
  • Support your commitment to employability
  • Drive social mobility by levelling the playing field
  • Co-brand, offer your students their own work experience app
  • ...and more!

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How does Placer work?

Why is Placer different ?

Not just an app, but a campaign

Blind screening to help level the diversity playing field

Delivering new types of work experiences

Taster days, shadowing, short projects on top of longer placements

Innovative app-based interface for students

Will attract national and international experiences

The go-to platform for employers to post work experience

Engaging private, third and public sector employers

Employers recruit from non traditional sources