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Placer for students

Gaining workplace experience alongside your studies is more important than ever if you want to secure your dream job. In a highly competitive job market, employers will want to see that you have job-specific skills and practical experience of work. This experience could be anything from an hour, some buddying, involvement in a discrete project, to longer-term placements.

Work experience will open doors and create opportunities for you, which is why we’ve launched Placer. The Placer concept is unique and is revolutionising work experience for students – it is the only work experience platform that brings together an extensive network of employers and universities/colleges and promotes their work experience opportunities to students like you through a free app.

And Placer is easy to use. Simply create a profile with a personal statement outlining your education, training and any existing experience, and start finding work experience opportunities based on industry, role type, duration and location, now.

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How does Placer work for students?

To improve your chances of finding the perfect job once you've graduated, you need to develop word-ready skills alongside your studies. But finding work experience opportunities isn't always easy. We have an answer ... Placer

If your university has signed up to Placer, you can use the free Placer app to browse the work experience opportunities generated by your university, alongside a whole load of others curated by Placer. And, who knows, if your work experience goes well, you might just have connected with your employer of the future.


Set yourself up on the Placer app

  • Download the app.
  • Create your personal profile outlining your skills and interests.
  • Use your app to track shortlisted opportunities and those you have applied for.

Browse work experience opportunities

  • Placer's clever matchmaking technology will tell you about work experience opportunities that might be of interest to you.
  • Refine your search by duration, type of work and location.
  • All you need to do is swipe left and right to select the ones you like the look of.

Review you placements and receive feedback

  • Leave and receive feedback on your placements.
  • Some employers award skills badges you can use to demonstrate the experience you have acquired.

Who's on board?

19TH MARCH 2018

Disruptive innovation – how are degree apprenticeships affecting work experience?

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Gaining key employability skills through work experience

Employers are increasing looking for undergraduates that have a range of transferable skills. Often called soft skills, these can range from collaborating with team members to problem solving. Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report, highlights how high on the agenda these skills are, so much so that 92% of respondents rated soft skills as a critical priority. This is because exec..

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6TH MARCH 2018

Work experience should be top of the agenda for National Careers Week

This week marks National Careers Week, an important date in the calendar for schools, colleges, universities, teachers and careers professionals. It is a week that highlights the importance of good careers education and supporting young people leaving education. It provides a great opportunity to shout out about the value of work experience and for this year’s National Careers Week (#NCW2..

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