Starting careers with experience

What is Placer for universities?

  • A work experience app and platform
  • Students swipe the app for opportunities
  • The employer dashboard and student screens bring the right people together
  • Can integrate with employer recruitment workflows, or allow direct contact

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How does Placer work?

What people are saying

…universities need to focus on employability … access to high quality work experience has a key role to play and we welcome the introduction of Placer and the benefits it will bring to our students.”

Mark Diggle, Director of Careers, Manchester Metropolitan University

…creation of short opportunities (giving) ‘work inspiration’ which many students need to help build their confidence for going for a longer term placement

Dr. Lindsey J. Munro, Faculty Lead for Employability (Science & Engineering)
Manchester Metropolitan University

…has the potential to break down barriers for students in accessing high-quality and impactful work experiences, while allowing employers to better meet and invest in their future workforce

Kelwyn Looi, Special Projects, Pearson

…attractive, simple and effective mobile app will help us reach a broader set of universities and widen student participation across the UK

Stephanie Bishop, Head of Graduate and Apprentice Recruitment, CapGemini

…I found the user experience from the employers perspective really easy and good to use

A first-time employer publisher

Employers signed up

Why is Placer different ?

Not just an app, but a campaign

Blind screening to help level the diversity playing field

Delivering new types of work experiences

Taster days, shadowing, short projects on top of longer placements

Innovative app-based interface for students

Will attract national and international experiences

The go-to platform for employers to post work experience

Engaging private, third and public sector employers

Employers recruit from non traditional sources

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