Attract the best students by offering work placements for students.

Placer for universities

Competition for the best students is fierce. Students know all too well that they need to develop job-specific skills alongside their studies to improve their chances of getting the career they want. Universities and colleges that can offer the best work experience placements will find it easier to attract top students.

Placer is a unique work experience app and platform created to increase the number of students gaining work experience. It is revolutionising the way that students can access opportunities (an hour, a day, a project, a longer-term placement, and everything in between) by partnering directly with universities/colleges and a network of employers.

By partnering with Placer, you can promote the work experience opportunities you have generated, alongside those curated by Placer, through a co-branded app. This allows you to offer a greater choice of work experience opportunities to your students and makes your university/college more attractive to you next student cohort.

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How does Placer work for Universities?


Simple set up process

  • Contact the Placer team to find out about partnering with Placer
  • Subscribe to Placer's app and platform.
  • We liaise with your technical team to integrate Placer with your university's single sign-on system

Publish your opportunities

  • Automatically feed your opportunities into Placer (for your students only) and give your students access to work experience opportunities curated by Placer. These can be approved automatically or selected individually before making them available to your students
  • All opportunities are merged into the co-branded Placer app so they can be easily accessed by your students

Management of placements

  • Manage and create reports on employers, opportunities and students using your dedicated Placer dashboard.

Who's on board?

17TH APRIL 2018

Why Sky is joining the Work Experience Revolution with Placer

Functionality, diversity and accessibility are just three of the key reasons why we have signed up to join the work experience revolution with Placer. Investing in young people is important to us at Sky and work experience is one way in which the company can approach this, whilst building a pipeline of talent and bringing in a fresh set of new and innovative ideas. With our focus on broadening ..

4TH APRIL 2018

Boosting the employability of university students

There is no question that universities are becoming increasingly accessible to a more diverse group of learners, and I believe technology has played a crucial role in driving this change. However, there’s still more that could be done to help disadvantaged university students thrive once they start their course, and even more importantly support that could be put in place to help them to for..

26TH MARCH 2018

Do work placements add value to higher education in 2018?

Getting a graduate job has never been easy, but with so many students about to enter the marketplace this year competition is likely to be fierce. As a hiring manager I am always looking for something that makes a candidate stand out amongst a sea of CVs. But for the candidates themselves it is tough. Employability is very much front of mind for students, and over the last four years we’v..

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