Why Sky is joining the Work Experience Revolution with Placer

17th April 2018

Functionality, diversity and accessibility are just three of the key reasons why we have signed up to join the work experience revolution with Placer. Investing in young people is important to us at Sky and work experience is one way in which the company can approach this, whilst building a pipeline of talent and bringing in a fresh set of new and innovative ideas.

With our focus on broadening the diversity of applicants for our work experience placements, Sky believes the Placer approach is a great way in which we can make our opportunities more accessible to a greater number of students.

The fact that Placer performs as an app, integrated in partnership with universities and colleges, means we can reach a larger pool of talent. It’s a modern and accessible way in which young people can search for work experience and speaks to student demand.

We also see the blind screening functionality Placer provides as important - Placer does not immediately advertise the employer, but rather the roles that are available. This will help to prevent candidates from deselecting themselves based on assumptions about our company name and profile and what opportunities we might have on offer. This will widen the diversity of applications we receive and give us a larger pool of talent to select from.

The Placer skills badges are an exciting innovation too, awarding badges as part of our work experience programme will help to both develop the CV of a student and their skills.

At Sky we have felt the many benefits of having a work experience programme in place and encourage other businesses to do the same. Businesses are given an increased sense of corporate social responsibility by investing in young people. This is because young people bring a great and new perspective to project ideas, and knowledge!

Work experience has primarily proved a useful tool to increasing visibility of the Sky brand amongst school leavers. With Placer, we hope it can have the same positive impact in the college and university space – increasing and diversifying the number of students undertaking work experience and further raising the profile of Sky to help attract top talent into entry-level, graduate and apprenticeship roles.

Megan Rees is the Attraction and Marketing Specialist - Early Careers at Sky

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