Making the most of graduate talent

22nd May 2019

A Placer guide to the future of early career prospects

Work experience was the start of the Placer journey, though after conversations with universities, students and employers Placer are now able to support employers looking to tap into graduate talent and help students into a great career.
There are many ways your organisation can engage more with students and graduates:

Work experience

In our work experience guide we go into detail on various opportunities you can offer. Any of these have the benefit of introducing new prospective employees and may help you decide who to hire for any kind of role come graduation!

We would also suggest thinking about getting graduates in for any of these short-term opportunities, as not all students will have had the chance to gain work experience during their studies. Bringing a recent graduate in on a placement could be the perfect introduction for a new employee to your organisation.

Graduate Schemes

Going into a scheme specifically set up for a graduate can be an incredible career experience for anyu student, while these could take a wide variety of forms the most common would be:

Multi-role training

Often when leaving University students are not sure where they would fit within an organisation. Some schemes can overcome this by allowing new graduates to experience work in a variety of departments, so they can find what works while you see where they can best bring you value. This also means that no matter which team they settle into, they will have a more cohesive understanding of the way your business operates.

Specified role training

You may also have a specific role which you are looking to fill with a graduate, in which case their introduction could be more about helping them grow into the position. This type of opportunity would attract students who have a more set idea about what kind of role or industry they are interested in and can be a great second stage for someone who had undertaken work experience with you already.


One time-tested introduction for a student to the working world is to seek an internship at a company which they are passionate about, getting in at the ground level to show the skills they can bring to your organisation!

In the same vein as work experience, internships can be a great way to work with a variety of students, providing them with valuable experience and helping you as an organisation to see how they can bring value to your business. 

Internships can often be a great real-world test to see how someone’s degree skills can fit into the working world, and help you develop future leaders within your organisation. They can also be a great way to help some of your teams during busy periods.

Reaching out to graduates for pre-etablished roles

Encouraging employers to expand their student and graduate recruitment is what Placer is all about. An engaging way to do this is to offer some of your existing roles to them, giving graduates a chance to bring their unique experiences, fresh perspective and enthusiasm to a wide variety of positions which you may not have considered them for previously.

In the case of your more specialist roles, there is still scope to do this by setting up new internships. These allow you to make sure that your new employees have all the key skills needed before they fully take up residence in the position whilst enabling you to give more young people a chance to find their ideal career.

Recruitment events

Hosting company events to showcase the different paths to success within your organisation is a fantastic way to engage graduates and show them the routes they might take towards success.  You can promote these too via the Placer app!

At Placer we are strong believers in the importance of skill-based employment; encouraging students to look both at what they can bring to a role from their own personal skill sets and what developments you as an employer can offer them. An organised event can be an engaging way to help students see the great opportunities they may have within your organisation alongside boosting your brand’s awareness with graduates.

Promoting graduate employment

If you are already offering any of the above opportunities, we would always recommend expanding or sharing the success of these in action to help encourage like-minded employers to consider further graduate engagement.

Perhaps you could also do this through sharing good news and success stories on recent hires or interns? This works whether within your organisation, through social media or perhaps through a guest spot on the Placer blog.

We are keen to work in partnership with employers to improve opportunities for students as every year there are thousands of graduates looking for work across all industries, one of whom could be your perfect employee!

Whether you are looking to fill entry-level positions or more advanced roles, the graduate market is always fresh and teeming with talent. 

If you have questions or want to arrange a call/meeting to go over how you are thinking of engaging with graduates and how you can expand your plans, please get in touch at


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