Placer – a unique platform and app offering work experience and graduate job opportunities to students in higher education.

Employers need work-ready graduates and students need work experience to gain the skills employers demand. But there is a shortage of work experience placements on offer, as well as barriers for students from low income backgrounds or those without word-of-mouth connections. Placer is a partnership between the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), Jisc and Unite Students, and is addressing this challenge nationally .

Placer is revolutionising the way that students access work experience opportunities by offering a unique platform on which employers can publish their work experience opportunities (anything from one-day tasters to long-term placements) to reach multiple universities/colleges and their students.

The result?

  • Students improve their employment prospects by developing the skills they need to be work-ready when they graduate.
  • Employers benefit from a pool of student talent and get to meet their recruits of the future.
  • Universities and colleges attract students who know they need to get experience of work alongside their studies.

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Who is Placer for?



  • Tap into a pool of high calibre student talent.
  • Build lasting relationships with universities, colleges and their students.
  • Meet job candidates of the future - saving you time and money on recruitment further down the line.

Universities and Colleges

  • Attract the best students by offering high-quality work experience opportunities.
  • Help your students develop the job-ready skills they need alongside their studies.
  • Give students access to work experience opportunities generated by you, as well as those curated by Placer.


  • Enhance your job prospects by gaining job-specific skills and practical experience of work.
  • Access a wide range of opportunities from your university and Placer’s network of employers.
  • Use work experience to make informed career decisions.


Aston University Careers + Placements team promoting Placer

Placer is very pleased to be working closely with our partner universities’ Careers and Placements teams to promote opportunities for students. To give you an idea of how we work together do have a look at a recent social media campaign put together by the Aston University Careers + Placements team. Find out how the app works, and five reasons why students are being encouraged to downloa..


The importance of a skills-based approach

When it comes time to settle on a career, students may have little idea of what they want to do, at least until they have given it serious thought or had the right work experience to help them choose a path. There are two main limiting factors; a lack of information on the work which is out there, or feeling locked onto, or out of, certain paths because of their degree of choice. At Placer, w..

30TH AUGUST 2019

Volunteering at the Limehouse Project

Kay at the Limehouse Project got in touch with Placer to help find student volunteers. The Limehouse Project (LHP) is a registered charity that has worked to respond to the needs of minority communities throughout the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for over 30 years. The charity seeks to empower marginalised individuals by researching, identifying, and establishing new pathways to help them ov..

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