Offer work experience placements and graduate job opportunities for higher education students and tap into a diverse pool of talent from partnered universities and colleges – meet your recruits of the future now.

Placer for employers

The success of your business is determined by your ability to find the best recruits. Many employers are looking for people who have experience of the workplace. That’s why it’s vital that we increase the number of work experience opportunities available to students so that they can develop the job-specific skills they need before they finish their studies.

Increasingly, you will be embracing work experience as an opportunity to tap into a pool of student talent when you need extra manpower (anything from hour or day-long tasters, week-long placements, discrete projects to long-term placements). And it’s the perfect way to introduce new ideas and ways of thinking into your workplace.

Placer is a new, innovative platform and app that is revolutionising work experience. Its premise is unique – it brings together a network of employers and universities/colleges and promotes their work experience opportunities to students. Placer helps you to build lasting relationships with universities and colleges, and their students, tap into a pool of high calibre people, and meet job candidates of the future - saving you time and money on recruitment further down the line.

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How does Placer work for employers?

There is a huge pool of untapped student talent in universities and colleges; students who want to gain experience of their world of work before making their career choices. Offering work experience opportunities through Placer is a great way of accessing this talent and Placer, which is partnered with universities and colleges, is the ideal platform to do this. You may just find your recruits of the future.

How much does Placer cost?

Rather than a traditional pay-to-advertise-per-role model, employers pay a simple one-off fee for the year with unlimited use of Placer thereafter.

For employers with:

  • less than 50 employees the fee is £100 per annum
  • between 50 and 249 employees the fee is £500 per annum
  • more than 250 employees the fee is £1000 per annum

Offering work experience via Placer increases student employability, and is a great way for you to meet your graduate employees of tomorrow.

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