Where in house recruiters from employers and apprenticeship training providers recruit talented young people and adults from our Placer Skills Academy, embed our Work Readiness Programme into their own onboarding process and sponsor a school or college to deliver our programme

Early Careers Recruitment

Where early careers recruiters from employers and apprenticeship training providers recruit talented young people from our Placer Skills Academy.

How We Work

We are a private training and recruitment company doing good things to have a social impact on society.

Helping to tackle youth and adult unemployment and enabling social mobility is at the core of our mission and we work with employers in several ways to make this happen:

Training: We partner with employers looking to upskill their new recruits to deliver our work readiness programme, creating a faster onboarding process and higher staff retention rates

Corporate Social Responsibility and Recruitment: Employers sponsor a school/college to deliver our work readiness programme to T Level students, gaining early access to work ready talent and creating an early talent pipeline

Recruitment: Employers recruit talent from the Placer Skills Academy as they know they have the workplace skills to be immediately productive via the Placer Talent Network

Recruitment: Employers trust us to find them new talent for their apprenticeship programmes.  Simply add your vacancies to the Placer Talent Network portal.

Consultancy: We can also provide consultancy if you are looking to set up a T level programme in your organisation.

Please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

"After completing my employability training programme, Placer connected me with Amazon where I have now secured an apprenticeship!"
Shayhana McGowan
Amazon Apprentice

Work with us

Why Deliver the CPD Accredited Work Readiness Programme to Your New Hires?

Increasingly in todays world of fast technological innovation, companies are realising that technical skills can be taught, but soft skills are what truly makes a successful new hire.

Skills like conflict resolution in the workplace, presentation skills, project management etc are the skills that you need your new hires to have from day one.

Our 15 work readiness courses are individually CPD accredited, learners can access them from anywhere including on mobile devices and receive a CPD certificate for every course they complete, helping your new recruits to show the skills they have achieved.

Embedding the Placer Work Readiness programme into your onboarding process helps your managers save time as well as enhancing the relationship with their new recruit/s.

Are You Recruiting For Jobs and/or Apprentices?

If you are looking to match with work ready individuals whilst also enabling people from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed then we would love to talk to you.

Placer provides an affordable model that smartly matches in-house recruiters with people who have all successfully completed the CPD Accredited Work Readiness Programme, expanding your reach to previously untapped talent pools and giving you the diverse workforce that as well as being the right thing to do, has been proven to aid better decision making leading to more profit.

Visit the Placer Talent Network for more information and to upload job and apprenticeship vacancies.

Why Sponsor a School or College?

Sponsoring a School or College to enable them to deliver the Placer Work Readiness Programme not only addds to your social responsibility commitments but also provides you with an early talent pipeline.

By sponsoring T level students to go through the Work Readiness Programme, you gain priority access to keen young talent with the job ready skills needed in your business.

You may also want to consider taking on a T level student to work in your business. This will give you the chance to see for yourself the skills they bring as well as providing you with an extra pair of hands. Great for small businesses who are unable to commit to taking on an apprentice or with no budget for new hires. We can even help you set up a T Level placement programme in your business too.

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Latest Testimonials

"By completing these courses, I discovered how to thrive in the workplace and what mindset and behaviours to have. Employers can see I have training in these vital skill sets thanks to being CPD-accredited, which I can use for future opportunities."
Shayhana McGowan
La Retraite T-Levels Student
"Placer has ensured our T Level students are fully work ready when they begin their industry placement. The courses are CPD accredited which enhances the students CV for future employment opportunities. Highly recommended"
Ruth Coyle
Director of La Retraite Sixth Form