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Our CPD-accredited Work Readiness Programme ensures that you develop the critical employability skills you need to be ready for the world of work

Placer Skills Academy

Our CPD-accredited Work Readiness Programme ensures that you develop the critical employability skills you need to be ready for the world of work.

How We Work

Placer delivers work readiness online training for people looking to increase their employability skills to enhance their chances of securing a job or apprenticeship. Our courses allow you to apply soft skills in work based contexts and scenarios and includes a course on preparing for a job interview.

All our courses are CPD accredited, providing a competitive edge where one is needed, for example a job interview. CPD can set you apart in the job market as employers recognise CPD.  A great boost for those individuals with minimal qualifications.

On successful completion of the Work Readiness Programme, you will receive digital and verifiable certificate , great for sharing on social media and with potential employers! You can then join and create a profile for free on our Placer Talent Network, becoming visible to employers looking to hire work ready talent.  

Feel free to review the courses included in the Work Readiness Programme below.

Our CPD-accredited online work readiness courses can be purchased by individuals either for themselves or for the young people/adults they would like to support.

The programme of 16 CPD-accredited courses is £360 incl. VAT. You can pay now, or buy now and pay later with options to pay in 30 days, or pay monthly for 3 months, both interest free!



"By completing these employability training courses, I discovered how to thrive in the workplace and what mindset and behaviours to have. Employers can see I have training in these vital skill sets thanks to being CPD-accredited, which I can use for future opportunities."
Shayhana McGowan
T-Levels Student
"Having the 10 CPD certificates will help me in the future as not only have I got leadership and presentation skills, I also have social media and time management. Things I struggled with a lot before the training."
T-Levels Student
"Having the certificates does show I have all the skills an employer needs. The training gave me extra tips and hints in order to become better as a professional."
T-Levels Student
"You have ensured our T Level students are fully work ready when they begin their industry placement. The courses are CPD accredited which enhances the students CV for future employment opportunities. Highly recommended"
Ruth Coyle
Director of La Retraite Sixth Form
"You have provided us with dedicated eLearning suites with modules tailored to meet our requirements. I find it a secure, stable platform plus it’s an affordable model."
Russ Lawrance
CEO & Principal of Haringey 6

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